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Embers of Neltharion Boosting Services in 10.1

The release of a new big patch is a demanding period for every World of Warcraft player. This is particularly true for patch 10.1, which includes a new raid, zone, and reputation system. There is so much to do and discover in the uncharted islands, but so little time! Raid preparation is also essential, forcing players to prioritize. Fortunately, with our boosting services, you don’t have to compromise on any aspect of the game.

We offer a range of boosting services for patch 10.1, including Mythic+ dungeon carries, Aberrus raid boosting, PvP boosting on both arenas and battlegrounds, Loamm Niffen renown grinding, Zaralek Cavern mounts farming, upgrading dragonriding abilities by finding new glyphs in Zaralek, finishing the Embers of Neltharion story and daily quests, and more. We have various boosting teams that specialize in different aspects of the game, so regardless of which Dragonflight service you require, whether it be a dungeon run or a raid carry, we have you covered.

Let’s examine some of the services in more detail to determine which will best suit your needs.

Exploring Zaralek Cavern

A significant attraction of any massively multiplayer online game is the opportunity to explore an expansive and exciting world. WoW is no exception, and with every patch, a new zone is added to the game. In patch 10.1, players will discover the vast Zaralek Cavern, located beneath the Dragon Isles. This mysterious new zone tells a story about Neltharion’s legacy and introduces a new playable race, Dracthyr.

Zaralek Cavern is enormous and designed to accommodate the new flying system. Each section of the zone offers open-world activities, rare creatures, and a host of quest chains. Completing the main and side stories is not only fascinating in itself but is also an opportunity to earn gold and achieve multiple quests and exploration-related accomplishments. With our WoW 10.1 boost, you can unlock all of the features that are locked behind questing, including achievements and well-hidden glyphs that grant special dragonriding talent points.


Arguably the most significant feature added to Dragonflight is the new transportation system – Dragonriding. Unlike the old flying, dragonriding offers more fun and, more importantly, speed to the travel process. Dragonriding enables players to reach incredible speeds that were previously unattainable. Additionally, dragonriding continues to expand in Embers of Neltharion, which has the potential to make it an even faster and more enjoyable experience.

Traveling around and exploring the world is a significant aspect of World of Warcraft, and the ability to do it quickly is crucial. This enormous speed-up has the potential to save players countless hours. By acquiring a dragonflight carry, you can maximize this new system, allowing you to soar through the skies of the Dragon Isles and Zaralek Cavern on a mount that looks the way you want and moves at its peak ability.

New Reputation Loamm Niffen with Renown

The game’s reputation system has undergone significant rework in Dragonflight, with four major factions progressed via the renown system. This system is akin to the previous expansion, and each new level of renown grants various rewards. This system is more exciting and rewarding than the legacy reputation system, allowing players to acquire useful items and features faster.

Unlike the previous expansion, players can now progress all Dragon Isles & Zaralek Cavern factions simultaneously, without having to select just one. This freedom of choice, however, comes at a cost. Leveling all Dragon Isles reputations concurrently is no easy feat, requiring significant daily investment in completing quests and world events.

Mythic Plus Season 2

Dragonflight Patch 10.1 introduces Mythic Plus Season 2, which expands the available dungeons and reworks old affixes. The seasonal Mythic+ affix has been removed, and three new affixes – Incorporeal, Afflicted, and Entangling – have been added. Additionally, some of the old affixes have received reworks to make them more manageable.

The list of dungeons for the first mythic+ season of Dragonflight includes both new and legacy ones to keep the gameplay fresh. However, only new Dragonflight dungeons will be available in Mythic0. If you want to attain a high rating in season 2, we offer Dragonflight carry services to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Brackenhide Hollow.
  2. Halls of Infusion.
  3. Uldaman
  4. Neltharus.
  5. Freehold (Battle for Azeroth).
  6. The Underrot (Battle for Azeroth).
  7. Neltharion’s Lair (Legion).
  8. The Vortex Pinnacle (Cataclysm).

PvP Season 2

The second PvP season of Dragonflight, Obsidian PvP Season, offers amazing rewards such as the Obsidian Gladiator’s Slitherdrake mount and the Vicious War Snail. Pushing gladiator rank can be a challenging task, but our WoW Dragonflight boost services can help you get there without having to invest a lot of time.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, is Dragonflight 10.1’s biggest addition – a new raid tier with nine challenging bosses and exciting new gear. Our professional team of players is available to provide boosting services for all modes of this raid.

At, we offer safe, fast, and comfortable boosting experiences, with 24/7 customer support available. If you have any custom Dragonflight boosting needs, let us know, and we will do our best to fulfill them. Let us help you achieve your Dragonsflight boosting goals!

Account safety!

As for the safety of your account, you can be sure that it is in the best possible hands. What makes us different from other boosting services, we use premium VPN software, that cover 99% of countries in the World. Also, all our boosters are checked and tested through a trial period, and we can guarantee that they will be successful in all tasks laid before them. The entire boosting process happens anonymously, and with as less communication as possible with other players, for the safety of your account. Our boosters do not use any kind of bots, cheats, or any other form of cheating, that you can be sure of. Whether you choose World of Warcraft leveling, Overwatch SR boost, or WoW Classic leveling, we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the job done. For most of our orders, we are able to provide a live stream, which is not a very common offer in this line of work.

Ordering process

When it comes to ordering, after you select all services you need to be boosted, you can make your payment with Paypal, Bitcoin or Skrill payment gateway. After that, we will contact you on one of the programs you use to work out the details of your boost and organize it. After boosting is done, you will get a confirmation over the program you use. If the boost itself takes more days to complete, you will receive an update every 24h, and in that way, you can track the progress of your order (in case you decided not to use live stream)

About boosters

When it comes to our boosters, each and every one of them has been tested and approved in more than one way, before we decide to assign them to work on your accounts. We know how much time and love you dedicated into your accounts, and we do not wish do give your account to anyone we are not certain of. What sets us apart from other boosting services, where your accounts are being offered publicly to boosters who have not been checked, in order to maximize their profit, we employ only those boosters we are reliable, who have knowledge of the game they work for and who can do the boost without any issues whatsoever!


Misti.Services has been founded in 2014 and currently we are one of the fastest growing World of Warcraft boosting services, with a large network of professional boosters for other games such as Overwatch and Path of Exile. Currently we number over 2000 satisfied customers, more than 15000 completed orders i flawless reputation as one of the best boosting services in this line of work. We hope that you will be one of our happy and satisfied customers


Refunds are possible if we fail to deliver within the agreed timeframe, if we are not able to start order within 72hours, or if a buyer decides that service is not necessary anymore. If we have started work, a refund will be issued based on how much work is done/left to do. For more details please check our Refund policy.

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