Mythic+ Keystone

25 $ 


About Mythic+ Boost

World of Warcraft Mythic+ Boost system was introduced in Legion, as an improvement over MoP and WoD Challenge Modes. Rewards from Mythic+ are almost equal with Normal and Heroic gear from the current raid tier.Only requirement to have for M+ run is to be level 120.

What are extra options for?

M10 Runs are usually done in time by default for not extra charge,however with extra in time option we will do rerun if we fail to make 1st key in time,only if that option is picked.

Appear Hidden: We will use Invisible mode on

M10 Options: Discount on second M10 run.Can be used on the any character anytime.

Group will be always made with atleast 1 same armor user , if extra option from menu is not picked up.

If you want specific key/s please add that on checkout page.

  • Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth
  • Up to 3 Pieces of Gear
  • Mythic Keystone, at an appropriate Keystone level.
  • Titan Residium for Azerite Gear.
Can i choose key?

Yes, you can pick any key you want , for no extra charge.Just choose from option key you want us to do.Feel free to ask on chat to be sure we have key ready to make run right after purchase,if you are in hurry.Multiple keys for same dungeon are available , just tell us in checkout info more details.

When will run happen?

Usually all orders are completed within 15 minutes,longer wait times happens during reset days or on new patch releases.Contact chat support to confirm start time for your order,if you are in hurry!

What will happen right after purchasing?

Once you have completed the payment for Mythic+ Boost, we will add you on Skype or Discord to take account info and to arrange start of your Mythic+ Boost order. During Mythic+ run ,if its piloted option ,we will keep u updated with progress with screenshoots if you dont have time to watch stream 🙂

Do i get all loot from dungeon?

Yes,all dropped loot which is  tradeable , will be given to your character.Also we will bring always atleast 2 same armor users to increase chances of getting something good to boost your item level more.That comes for NO EXTRA charge!Keep in mind that during new patch releases,not all gear from M+ can be traded due Blizzard loot trading policies.

Don’t forget to contact us!

If you don’t have the time to chat with us leave a message!