WoW Classic Leveling

WOW Classic Boost is launching in the summer. On launch, there will be a huge race from level 1 to 60, which is the max level in Classic World of Warcraft! This may sound easy if you’re thinking about the current game, but this for many players can mean months or even years’ worth of playing the game. The classic experience is actually classic – there are no shortcuts being introduced. The classic experience does mean thousands of hours of grinding, not a few days!

WoW Classic Boost is a service that many people choose to opt for. Especially if you have school, a job, or just family and friends you want to spend time with, it is far more healthy to not play the game constantly. With that said, you don’t want to fall behind your friends, or you won’t be doing the same dungeons or raids as them. You may also be thinking of leveling multiple classes, which means you have to start from scratch, level 1-60 on each of these accounts. This, by nature, is very repetitive, doing the same quests over and over again – even for the most dedicated players, can become quite the chore!

Due to this, here are we with our WoW Classic Leveling Boost.Keep eye on this category , cause soon we will add many more services to it ! 🙂