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Classic Honor Farm


To collect 100k Honor we will need 1-3 Days.

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We will farm the amount of honor you decide to go for, only trough Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin. Classic honor farm boost service is done as account share only, therefore we suggest you to, if possible to not log on account during this service. Also in case, u decide to go for Rank 13 or Rank 14, please check this link, and pick your most suitable option, and follow our advice on how to minimize risks of account sharing services for higher ranks in Classic PvP. Classic honor farm boost is possible to have on stream if u request but keep on mind it can take us a bit more time to find suitable booster with a good connection for the quality stream!

Completition time depends by amount of honor yo are taking from us.Our boosters will play up to 14 hours per day for orders which require higher amounts of honor.Also this boost will give u lots of reputation progress!

Our boosters are required to use VPN,which are provided by order is executed by highly skilled player who passed multiple tests before allowing them to play on accounts.Also all work is done by hand, without use of bots or cheats / hacks.Most orders including stream , which is something not so many shops offer.

Refunds are issued in full if order is not started.In case some work is done , we will charge u for amount of work completed.

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