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Coalescing Visions Farm


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  • Our service for Coalescing Visions farm is here, this is new currency introduced in patch 8.3. Each day we will complete N’Zoth assaults and daily quests to obtain this currency. Coalescing Visions are required to gain access to Horrific Visions scenario.
  • Completition time is for Coalescing Visions Farm is flexible, its determined by amount of Coalescing Visions you have ordered.
  • Our boosters are required to use VPN,which are provided by order is executed by highly skilled player who passed multiple tests before allowing them to play on accounts.Also all work is done by hand, without use of bots or cheats / hacks.Most orders including stream , which is something not so many shops offer.
  • Refunds are issued in full if order is not started.In case some work is done , we will charge u for amount of work completed.More details about refunds on this link.