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Nazjatar Campaign



  • Requirements: Level 120 Character
  • Delivery Time: Flexible


  • Full Nazjatar Main Storyline completed for Horde or Alliance faction ending up with SUNKEN AMBITIONS or UNFATHOMABLE achievement.
  • Heart Forge unlocked – a special device that gains access to the new Azerite Essence System to empower your HEART OF AZEROTH. You will get THE HEART FORGE achievement and unlock your first Essence: THE CRUCIBLE OF FLAME
  •  (AWAVEBLADE ANKOAN / (HTHE UNSHACKLED factions reputation unlocked.
  • Nazjatar World Quests unlocked.
  • Benthic Gear upgrade NPC and Nazjatar Bodyguards unlocked.
  • Mechagon questline unlocked.