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Here you can buy 12/12 Ny’Alotha, the Waking City (NWC) full gear raid boost on normal and heroic difficulty and obtain powerful 440+ or 460+ items. This is the best way to get competitive gear of patch 8.3 which is more than enough to participate in any content. Our players will quickly carry you through the full encounter. We have multiple raid runs on both regions and factions every day so you can choose a time that best suits you.Nylotha full gear normal or heroic boost will be available as pilot and selfplay from week 1!

Completition time for Nyalotha full gear boost is 2-3 weeks. 1st Week raids will be splited into 2 runs, before weekend 7 bosses and after weekend last 5 bosses.We have 30 runs per day, so we will find you spot in time you need. On week one loot share is not possible, on week we will give u as many possible items, and from week 3 we will probbly finish your gear up process.

Our boosters are required to use VPN if there is account share for Nyalotha full gear boost,which are provided by order is executed by highly skilled player who passed multiple tests before allowing them to play on accounts.Also all work is done by hand, without use of bots or cheats / hacks.Most orders including stream , which is something not so many shops offer.

Refunds are issued in full if order is not started.In case some work is done , we will charge u for amount of work completed.More details about refunds on this link.