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Rajani Reputation Boost


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  • Rajani reputation boost, a new faction of Vale of Eternal Blossom’s zone introduced in patch 8.3. We will do daily quests, kill rare mobs, and complete N’Zoth assaults to gain reputation. As a result, you will get some gear, artifact power and will be able to buy items from faction vendor. Getting exalted reputation takes up to 3-4 weeks and reward is Rajani Warserpent mount for exalted.
  • Friendly to Exalted takes 3-4 weeks, for more precise timing contact suport with  your current and desired progress.
  • Our boosters are required to use VPN if there is account share ,which are provided by order is executed by highly skilled player who passed multiple tests before allowing them to play on accounts.Also all work is done by hand, without use of bots or cheats / hacks.Most orders including stream , which is something not so many shops offer.
  • Refunds are issued in full if order is not started.In case some work is done , we will charge u for amount of work completed.More details about refunds on this link.