Item Level Boost

25 $ 


About service

This service will boost your character’s gear to desired equipped item level. We will farm Mythic dungeons / Raid and World Quests until you get the desired item level. The group will mostly consist of members of your armor type to trade you the items. You will also get dungeon achievements and Azerite for your neck , aslong with some Essences.

How long service takes?

Delivery times are not 100% accurate and usually we are able to complete them much faster.

Delivery time for 300-380: 1 Day

Delivery time for 300-400: 2 Days

Delivery time for 300-415: 3-5 Days

Delivery time for 300-425: 7 Days

Delivery time for 300-430: 7-10 Days

Delivery time for 300-435: 14 Days

  • Artifact Power for your Heart of Azeroth.
  • Equiped item level in spec you choose.
  • Essences and Achievements collected during item level boost.
When wil boost start?

Soon after purchase is made , we will contact you via info your provided with order details ,and arrange start of your order.In most cases, we are able to arrange boost within 1 hour of moment you place  order.

Is stream possible?

Yes! We will provide you stream for your order.

Is it possible to use VPN?

Yes,vpn is mandatory for each account our boosters log on.We have multiple VPN providers with over 4000 locations covered worldwide,which helps us to cover most of countries in world.

Don’t forget to contact us!

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