Options in this menu will give u prio over other orders and faster start.Prices are higher than in Classic Leveling Calculatr , this is made mainly for people who need few levels to be done , contact support for discounts on bigger leveling ranges.

5 $ 


Is it all done without usage of any bots?

YES! All our boosters are tested,thats why spots for leveling are limited for release date.To make it even more secure , we are able to offer STREAM for each order.Also as one more layer of protection,each booster MUST use VPN , to maximize security of your account!

What will happen to gold and items which are obtained during leveling?

You will keep all of that,anything we get , stays on your account.We suggest you to make alt on so we can mail items to it , to avoid loss of time with moving to town and depositing items into your bank.

What happens right after purchasing?

Once you have completed the payment, we will add you on Skype or Discord to take account info and to arrange start of your leveling order.If you have made preorder , we will complete in guaranteed delivery time. During leveling period we will keep u updated with progress with screenshoots if you dont have time to watch stream 🙂