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Transmog Farm


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  • Requirements: Level 100+ Character
  • Delivery Time: Unspecified
  • Battle for Azeroth transmogs are not farmable with this service, please contact support for those.
  • Each transmog will be farmed on a weekly basis on characters that are available for that particular set. Some exceptions are possible.
  • Delivery time varies for each transmog but most of them are finished within 2-3 weeks.
  • Items which are with low drop rate, and only dropped from the trash in raid/instance won’t be farmed after the set is completed from bosses. Usually, those pieces are very cheap to buy from the auction house, comparing that each item that is dropped from trash has a very low drop chance.
  • The customer keeps rare mounts and all loot on his character.
  • Transmog farm service will make your char truly epic!
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